MarginCalculator.com provides all the features you need in a simple, well-defined service.

How It Works

  You Send Us Data

  • You initially send us certain required counterparty information.
  • You send us new information each day which includes your open forward settling trades that you wish to track for margining.
  • You provide information by either entering online, uploading a file or via secure FTP.

  We Process Your Data

  • Through our partner ICE Data Services (formerly Interactive Data Corporation), an independent third party pricing source, we mark your positions to market.
  • Both forward settling transactions and securities margin collateral are priced and tracked.
  • Cash is marked to Fed Funds effective (next day).
  • Upon settlement, your trades roll off the reports.

  We Produce Your Reports

  • You retrieve reports and data by 7:00 AM ET (online, via email or SFTP)
  • Receive email alerts when calls are required, or margin should be called back.
  • Reports and data are available in PDF and spreadsheet formats.
  • Our easy "click and send" feature allows you to send margin claims via email with supporting documentation.